Worldwide Prayer Meeting

Jan 4, 2024 | by Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

Mulanje Massif-Malawi

Worldwide Prayer Meeting 

Malawi Territory

Welcome to 2024! Ready or not, the new year is here. Each new year holds great promise for us. There are the goals that perhaps were denied to us in the past that we hope we can now accomplish or the promise of new beginnings. It is like the dawning of a new day with so much that lies before us. For the believer, the new year is greeted with hope – the firm assurance that God is with us in whatever happens. Let us then begin it seeking God and committing ourselves to following Him throughout the days that unfold before us.


Dear Lord, thank You this new year. I have things on my calendar already but really, I don’t have a clue as to all that will happen this year. I pray that I will be the person You want me to be so that in the happy times my first thought will be to praise You for them. But I know it won’t all be sunshine so I pray that when it is time for tears I will find You to be my place of refuge and protection and that I will have my confidence unshaken in You. Dear Lord, hold me loved ones close to You. For those who fail to love You now, let me be a witness to them about how life with You is better than any kind of life without You. In all that happens, in all my relationships, in all that I am, I want what You want. Nothing less. Nothing more. Nothing else. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Take a few minutes to enjoy this delightful video of the Lilongwe Timbrel Brigade.


Background of the Malawi Territory

            Malawi is a landlocked country in central Africa whose southern half is virtually surrounded by the nation of Mozambique. Densely populated, it is heavily dependent on an agricultural economy that is subject to cycles of heavy rain and drought. The ups and downs of global markets along with soil exhaustion has kept Malawi from climbing out of poverty although in recent years there has been a slow but steady climb toward greater economic stability. It has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS, virtually wiping out many families and leaving many orphans. Despite the poverty, Malawi enjoys a stable government, having emerged from a ruthless dictatorship that lasted 30 years.

            Three-fourths of the population is Christian with a significant Muslim minority. Until recently there has been peaceful co-existence. The peaceful conditions in Malawi owe much to the vibrant life in the evangelical community. The gospel is alive and well in all areas of life in Malawi including government, education, culture and with rich fellowship between the churches.

            The Salvation Army opened fire in Malawi in November 1967 and was officially granted recognition by the government in October 1973. Originally part of the Zimbabwe Territory, it then became part of the Zambia Command, which then became known as the Zambia and Malawi Territory. But the work continued to grow so much that in October 2002 it became a separate region, was further elevated to a command in February 2004 and finally raised to the status of a territory in March 2011.

Facts, Stats and Leadership

of the Malawi Territory

  • Total population with which to fish and disciple: 21,205,288
  • 120 officers, 5 envoys, 17 cadets, 69 employees
  • 12 retired officers
  • 100 corps
  • 88 outposts
  • 11,605 senior soldiers
  • 29 adherents
  • 6,664 junior soldiers


  • Territorial Commander: Colonel Samuel Baah
  • Chief Secretary: Lt. Colonel Onai Jera
  • Territorial President of Women’s Ministries: Colonel Theresa Baah

Prayer Requests for the Malawi Territory

  • Leadership: that God may guide our leaders as they continue to lead the territory into self-reliance and for soldiery support (10 corps have been earmarked to be self-reliant by 2024)

  • Salvationists: for the spiritual and physical health and well-being of all officers, staff, soldiers in the territory.

  • Youth & Children: 2024 has been declared a year of youth and children in the territory. We request prayers for youth and children’s ministry to continue to grow and each young Salvationist to be an agent of expanding The Salvation Army mission in their community.

  • Men’s Fellowship: pray for continued growth of men’s ministry in the territory and that men would have a zeal of winning more souls for God.

  • Economic Situation in Malawi: pray for Malawi’s economic situation. The price of commodities has been rising sharply. Pray for people’s resilience and God’s intervention.
  • Special events planned for 2024:

- Territorial Women’s Rally in August 15-18 that will be held in Blantyre, Malawi. We request prayers that the women who will be attending this rally will have renewal and spiritual growth through an encounter with God so their lives will be transformed.

- Divisional Annual Congresses in September 2024

- Commissioning of cadets in November 2024

- Territorial Executive Conferences in June & December 2024

USA Southern Territory

Prayer Requests

  • Lt. Colonel Mark Israel, Territorial Program Secretary
  • Major Chris Thornhill, Territorial Mission, Evangelism & Cultural Ministries Secretary
  • Audit Department
  • Colin Whitaker, Computer Support Analyst, Information Technology
  • Cheryl Moore, Territorial Auditor, Audit Department
  • Rod Parks, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
  • Major Hae Young Lee, Director of Campus Life/Food Services, EBC
  • Cadet Michelle Osbourn
  • Captain Andrea Israel, Divisional Candidates’ Secretary, Florida Division
  • Lt. Colonel Stephen Ellis, National Treasurer and National Secretary for Business Administration, NHQ
  • Colonel Stephen Morris, Territorial Commander, Japan Territory
  • Majors Tom & Julie Louden, officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers of the Kentucky & Tennessee Division
  • Sunday school
  • Anonymous request for the health of children in her home and their finances
  • Concerns for international crises: Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and Japan earthquake

Something to Consider

You may have missed the news with all that was going on during the Christmas season, but in Ghana the singer and former beauty queen, Afua Asantewaa, may have succeeded in breaking a world record. According to news reports, beginning on Christmas Eve and continuing for five days after, she sang for 126 hours and 52 minutes. She was allowed a five minute break every hour and a 20 minute break every four hours under the rules set by the Guinness World Records. She smashed the previous record of 105 hours set by a singer from India.

With my craggy old voice I struggle to get through four verses of a regular song, less with the repeated refrains of extended praise and worship songs. My poor wife stands next to me while I try to find the range and I'm trying not to let me steal the joy of the song that she thoroughly enjoys singing. Ms. Asantewaa is in no danger of me threatening her record.

But I shall not always have this raspy old voice nor this ear that is more tin than tuneful. Even now my heart is warming up for the day when all restrictions are set aside and I can cast all inhibitions aside. With full throated, and unbridled enthusiasm I shall be able to sing my praise to the Lamb around the throne.

The angels sing a glorious song,

But not a song like mine,

For I am washed in Jesus’ blood,

And singing all the time.

Singing glory! Glory!

Glory be to God on high!

(Edward Payson Hammond)


May God fill your heart this day with His song and may that melody attend your every step as you return your praise to Him. Amen.


Bless the Lord, O, my soul!



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